Awesomewood is a Toronto based finishing and custom cabinetry shop, established in 1992.

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Awesomewood started in 1992 and is a Toronto based company.  Our areas of expertise lie in 4 distinctive areas:  Custom Cabinetry, Spray Painting of Cabinetry, Interior Wood Refinishing and Caning.  We produce, finish and install high end kitchens, built-ins, libraries, vanities with no outsourcing.  All construction and finishing is performed by us in our shop.

We specialize in spray painting of existing or new kitchen cabinets, vanities, etc.  We take pride in the preparation of each piece to ensure a professional finish.

Interior Refinishing has played a significant role in our company.  Attention to detail is key in the restoration of interior trim, i.e. doors, windows, handrails, pickets, wainscoting, etc.  It is a labourious task but the end result is worth all the time & effort.

Caning of chairs is not our bread and butter, but we continue to offer this service as we feel it is becoming a lost art.